AESsuccess allows the students to simplify the loan payment procedure to a great extent. Many students have registered themselves on this portal, and they all are satisfied with it.

Luckily, there are various repayment options, that include many for those who are facing difficulty repaying their loans.

AESsuccess Repayment Options

Some of the repayment options that the AESsuccess portal offers are as follows:

  • Any borrower who has personal loans (AES talks about alternative loans) doesn’t have as many choices and will likely need to reach out to the lender to get an idea regarding the options.
  • On the other hand, borrowers with federal student loans are fully serviced by AES and may be entitled to a wide range of alternatives. Some of these options are :
    • Income Related Payment: Borrowers can make payments that are based on income, family size, and debt burden. Usually, they are calculated between 10% and 15% of discretionary income. Loans under this plan can be granted after 20 or 25 years, which purely depends on when the loan was withdrawn.
    • Installment Payment Plan: Under this plan, a borrower can pay the amount they would pay for a 12-year fixed-income fixed payment plan or 20% of their discretionary income. All loans under this plan can be made after 25 years, provided all AESsuccess eligible monthly payments have been made.
    • The payment has to be verified as soon as you get the payment plan (REPAYE). This plan is extremely identical to the IBR but has fewer restrictions. At REPAYE, borrowers must pay 10% of their discretionary income.
    • Graduate loans can be granted after 20 years and graduate or professional loans after 25 years.
      25-year extended plan. As the name suggests, this AESsuccess repayment period extends from 10 to 25 years. It comes with a hook. Your monthly payments will be clipped off, but in the end, you will pay even more due to higher rates.