American Education Services also well-known as AESsuccess is a student credit institution, a company that manages student loan payment accounts. It is also one of the few credit managers who have signed a deal with the Ministry of Education to administer and manage student loans under various federal programs.

AES Success is a vital part of the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency’s student aid organization, also termes as PHEAA. PHEAA is a leading national provider of student loans.

This includes a large portfolio of federal student loans. As per the reports of the Federal Office of Student Aid, in March 2019, the PHEAA will provide student loans of $ 355.5 billion which will benefit more than 8 million borrowers in the United States of America.

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AESsuccess student loans are student loan accounts managed by this loan service provider. These loans can be private student loans or federal student loans that are issued under the FFEL program.

AESsuccess Eligibility Criteria

Some of the eligibility criteria that a student needs to follow to access the services provided by this loan provider are as follows:

  • First-Generation Rule: A person whose parents have never received a bachelor’s degree.
  • Income Criteria: A student whose taxable family income does not exceed 150% of the poverty line.
  • A student with Disabilities – A person who, because of a disability, needs specially designed teaching materials or programs, modified physical facilities, or related services to fully participate in the experiences and opportunities of post-secondary educational institutions.

AESsuccess Login Procedure

To sign in to your account, you need to follow some simple steps. We have explained those steps below.

  1. To begin with, visit the official portal of the AESsuccess at
  2. On this portal, you will see an option that reads “Sign In”. Tap that option.
  3. Now, you will be asked to submit the login credentials.
  4. Submit the username and password that you submitted during the registration procedure.
  5. Now, if the submitted details are correct, you will be allowed to sign in to the portal and redirected to the home page of your account.

Accessing the AESsuccess Online Portal

Your AES account number is a unique 10-digit number printed at the topmost side of your bank statement. You can get your payment details for 10 days by calling AES at the number 1 (800) 233-0557 or by signing into your AES account online. To access the online portal and to access the various services regarding your loan follow the steps required to follow below:

  • Firstly, sign in to your account at You can easily do it by using your login credentials.
  • Tap “Next” to access your account overview.
  • Tap the option that reads “Payments and billing”.
  • Select “Loan Payment” (you can see this option in the left column).
  • Select the loans for which you wish to make a payment request.
  • Choose a payment date 10 days after the current date.
  • Tap the “Request payment amount”.
  • The system automatically calculates the total amount of depreciation.

If is your administrator and you are facing any sort of trouble while making payments, we recommend contacting customer service first. If you are unemployed, underemployed, or in financial difficulties, you can gt benefit from the leniency, deferment, or reduced payment.

In case, you extend the term of your loan, your monthly payments may decrease. There is a wide range of options that can assist in the short term, but none reduce the interest rate or the amount you owe.

AESsuccess has several online tools that borrowers can effectively use in order to manage their loans. After signing up for an account on the AESsuccess website, you can check the account balance and loan terms, modify the payment schedules, and have a print out of the tax documents. There are many other ways to make payments by using the online portal. You can make a one-time payment, schedule up to 8 advance payments, or set up a direct debit. (In case, you request a direct debit, you will be receiving a 0.25% discount). If you have more than one student loan, you can choose where the additional payments will be made.

Official NameAESsuccess
ServicesManaging student loans

About Us

American Education Services (AES Success) is one of the most popular and most reliable credit institutions in the United States. AES has specialized in competitive student loan solutions.

Inflation in the economy has made enrollment rates inaccessible to many students. AES Success is committed to providing financial assistance to students and helping them achieve their academic goals. The different types of AES Success student loans that you can apply through AES include Stafford loans, Graduate PLUS loans, Parent PLUS loans, and alternative loans. One of the significant advantages of AES Login student loans is low-interest rates and flexible repayment options.

For many AESsuccess Login borrowers, refinancing at a lower interest rate can clip off the total payment amount by several thousand dollars. It’s always a great idea to consider refinancing, especially if you took out your loans before 2014 and paid more than 4% interest. With a lower interest rate, much of your payment goes to the lender, which solely means that your account balance gets reduced to a great extent.

AESsuccess Contact Information

Working Hours: 7:30 a.m. at 9:00 p.m. ( Monday through Friday)

You can also contact them on their official website.

AESsuccess Telephone Number: 1-800-233-0557

AES Education Postal address for general correspondence:

American educational services
Box 2461
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2461

To manage your MEFA loan account online, you must sign up with Account Access, AES’s online account management tool. Visit the AES website to sign in to your account and access all the services offered by the AESsuccess. Each borrower can and should set their own username and account password to get all the details regarding their MEFA loans. Parents can also set up a single account in AESsuccessto to check details about all MEFA loans, even if they have more than one child.

AESsuccess login has made it easy for the students to achieve their goals. This portal eliminates the option of quitting studies for their job just due to the lack of financial resources. Thus, each and every student who is facing a financial crisis must use the AESsuccess portal to ensure that they get financial assistance and thus they can focus on their goals to achieve the desired success.

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